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      Dalhousie’s new President-Elect Deep Saini, pictured at the University of Canberra.

      Listening to whales

      Grad student Taylor Hersh’s innovative research is helping us learn more about the behaviour, movement and culture of sperm whales—and how they talk to one another might not be all that different from us.


      Dal prof Eric Oliver (right) chats with postdoc Robert Schlegel. (Danny Abriel photo)

      New website for tracking marine heat waves

      Ocean heat waves are on the rise, altering marine ecosystems, harming fisheries, and threatening underwater species. To better understand the impacts to the ocean, Dal prof Eric Oliver co-organizes an international working group to observe marine heatwaves through an interactive website.


      Dalhousie convocation ceremony

      Congratulations to the Class of 2019!

      Visit our convocation website to view videos of the ceremonies.


      PhD student Caitlin Cunningham

      A disturbing tale well-told

      Sociology & Social Anthropology student Kayla Preston's research into right-wing extremism in Canada has made her a finalist in the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada's (SSHRC) annual Storytellers competition.


      Stay at Dal this summer
      Dal Residence Room

      Residence rooms are open to tourists, conference attendees and summer students. Learn more about rooms and rates.


      Summer Camps
      Study Skills

      Registration is now open. Choose from a variety of camps—all designed to educate, challenge, and inspire children ages 5-17.

      DalSAFE Campus Alerts

      Are you signed up for Dal’s *NEW* alert system? Subscribe to receive campus alerts via text message.

      Community Report

      It has been a remarkable year. Imagine what we can do next. View our 2018-19 Community Report.

      Register on Track
      Register on Track

      New students are invited to take part in course registration workshops online, on campus and in the community.

      Presidential Search
      Presidential Search

      Learn more about the selection of Dr. Deep Saini as Dal's 12th President at the Presidential Search website.

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